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GreyHawk Barber Company

We pride ourselves in the traditional tonsorial crafts including classic haircuts and straight razor shaves. We are an old school brick and mortar Men's Barbershop. 

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GreyHawk Barber Company

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You Owe it to Yourself!

It might be tempting to go to salons that publicize their low rates. Many places charge right around $10 USD for a basic haircut, which is probably all you need. In comparison, the going rate for American barbershops is anywhere from $15 to $25 USD and up.

So if it’s more expensive, how is it more bang for your buck? First of all, the haircut you receive will always be better quality than a salon haircut. You’ll walk out of the barbershop with an amazing cut that’s exactly what you want. That factor alone is well worth the price of admission. In addition, you’ll often receive more than a haircut. A good barber will offer a hot lather straight razor shave and if you have never had the pleasure, well you should book one right now!  

If that wasn’t enough, you can also receive personalized hair advice. If you’ve had burning questions about what style is best for you, you can ask your barber. So even though barbershops seem more expensive at first, they provide outstanding service.